What we've done

Verve is with you all the way.


We've done it all - from huge outdoor festivals to corporate conferences, from awards, celebrations and premieres to conferences, trade shows and road shows, from exhibitions and marketing events to crisis logistics. 

But whatever it is, we're with you from the moment you call us until the last guest leaves, and afterwards.


Inspiration event strategy | creative concept
new events | event overhauls
Preparation feasibility study | risk assessment
sponsorship management | stakeholder management
venue selection | equipment and vehicle hire
contracts | consents | licensing

food and beverage
entertainers | MCs | speakers | celebrity guests
interior design | set design | technical design
video and live show production | conferencing and social media tools
scripts | speeches | presentation coaching

Invitation printed materials | website and online tools        
marketing and publicity | media management
guest lists | invitations | registration | tickets | payments
travel and accommodation | guest management | VIP management
Execution operations management | logistics | security
construction | transport | parking | facilities | staffing
Evaluation return on investment analysis | future planning